A History of German Shepherds – Part 2

Last week we learned the origins of the German Shepherd. In summary, we learned that the dog wasn’t necessarily always what people know as German. We learned how the effects of industrialization played a large role in shaping today’s version of the German Shepherd. And we learned that the dog now has roles which include it being a working dog to assist humans. Now we will continue our journey to understand more about this amazing animal.

As we learned last week, the German Shepherd was used as a type of security system for farmers. The dogs would protect the rest of the flock. Now, today, these dogs continue to act as protectors, in a way. If a burglary were to happen to a house which had a German Shepherd in it, the burglar would probably wish they had never tried to break and enter. The dog would likely attack the burglar, causing serious injuries and maybe even death. German Shepherds are very loyal dogs and wish to protect its owners.

One very interesting fact about German Shepherds is that they are among the most intelligent of dogs. There are hundreds of breeds of dogs in the world today. German Shepherds rank number three from the top. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why police use these dogs as work animals.

While German Shepherds are smart and loyal, they can be dangerous animals when not supervised. A quick search of any news site about these dogs will show that they can be dangerous, especially around children. A German Shepherd does not know the difference between a burglar and a child to is trying to recover his soccer ball in the dog’s backyard. Owner of these animals should put up signs such as “BEWARE OF DOG”. Properly supervised, however, show that these dogs are among the most caring of dogs.